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[Download] Battlefield Vietnam Maxres15

#Battlefield Vietnam is first person #shooter video game developed by EA Digital Illusions CE and publish by Electronic Arts. They had some very high expectations after their previous groundbreaking release “Battlefield 1942“. This is one of the battlefield series game and the game release on 14 march 2004 for Microsoft Windows. Battlefield Vietnam features the United States, with Marines, Army and the Navy, South Vietnam with Army of the Republic of Vietnam and North Vietnam with the Viet Cong. In game, you’ll be very impressed with the graphics.
You will also like maps in the game. Battlefield Vietnam are based on real battles that happened during the war, taking place in both North and South Vietnam. The game it also features two multiplayer game modes

Developer: [Download] Battlefield Vietnam Ea_gam10 EA Digital Illusions CE
Version: Full Version Games
OS: Windows
TAGS: #Battlefield . #shooter
Language: english
1- Extract the file using Winrar
2- Open “Battlefield Vietnam” >> “Game” folder.
3- Then double click on “BfVietnam” icon to play the game.

all weapons in the listen below:

  • Assault Kit
    Machine Guns – Type-53 · RPD
    Assault Rifles
    – AK-47 · AKMS · CAR-15 · M16
    Equipment – Grenade · XM148 · Medkit
    Shotguns – Mossberg 500

  • Engineer Kit
    Battle Rifles – M14
    Submachine guns – MAT-49
    Equipment – Wrench · M1 Mortar · Claymore · C4 Explosive · Welding Torch · Type 63 Mortar ·
    Shovel · Booby Trap · Pungi Sticks

  • Heavy Assault Kit
    Battle Rifles – M14 · Type-56
    Machine Guns – M60
    Launchers · L.A.W. · M79 · RPG-2 · RPG-7V · SA-7
    Equipment – Grenade · TNT

  • Scout Kit
    Sniper Rifles – M16 Sniper · M21 · M40 · SVD · M91/30
    Battle Rifles – Type-56
    Equipment – Smoke Grenade · Caltrops · Bouncing Betty · Time Bomb

  • Cut From Kit
    Equipment – Wirecutters · Flaregun · Commando Knife

[Download] Battlefield Vietnam Battle14[Download] Battlefield Vietnam Battle15[Download] Battlefield Vietnam Battle14

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