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[Action] Army Men 2 8af45310
Army Men II, released in 1999 is the second game in the long running Army Men video game franchise from The 3DO Company and a direct sequel to 1998s Army Men. The game differs from the first one in that it has battles in both the “real world” and the “plastic world.” It is also the first to introduce the concept of portals between our world and their world. A topic that was expanded on in later games.

Developer: The 3DO Company

Version: Full Version
Language: english

1-Extract the file using Winrar
2-Open “Army Men 2” >> “A-Men 2” folder
3-Double click on “ArmyMen2” icon
4-Then direct play without installation
Cheat Codes :

To use the following cheat codes, you will first need to enable Cheat Mode by doing the following:
During the game, hit Backspace then type

!when all else fails...

Then you should be able to enter any of the other codes listed on this page

              Code                                 Effect

!geronimo! Air Attack
!patton's speech All Men 5 Star Generals
!veni vedi vinci Beat Current Mission
!techno Change Background Music
!Night Of The Walking Dead Deceased become zombies
!Shrink Wrap Disguise
!jumpjets Flight Mode
!moleman Fog Mode
!roach_spray Get Aerosol Spray Can
!gnomish inventions Get More Explosives
!no_rocket_launcher Get the Bazooka
!aluminum foil Get the Flak Jacket
!village people Get the Flame Thrower
!fourth of july Get the M-80
!ruby ray Get the Magnifying Glass
!pooper scooper Get the Minesweeper
!god of gamblers Get the Sniper Rifle
!a better tomorrow Get the Vulcan Gun
!Metal Sheeting Grey Disguise
!armageddon Instant Loss
!Rubber Cement Instant Medical Kit
!santini Invincibility
!suicide kings Kills player
!I Give Up Lose Mission
!Warp6 Mini Map
!i have a rock More Grenades
!acme discs More Mines
!paper dolls More Paratroopers
!Watchtower In The Sky Reconnaissance flights
!doctor doctor Refill Health
!phoenix! Sarge on Fire
!ninja arts Stealth Mode
!surprise party Sudden Attack
!fond memories View FMVs
!spidey senses tingling View Full Map
Army Men 2: Minimum System Requirements

   Windows 95/98
   Pentium 90 MHz Processor
   16MB RAM
   150MB Hard Disk Space
   4X CD-ROM Drive
   DirectX 6 compatible Sound Card
   DirectX 6 compatible Video Card
   Pentium 133MHz Processor
   32MB RAM

[Action] Army Men 2 Army_m12[Action] Army Men 2 Army_m10[Action] Army Men 2 Army_m11

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